Rev. Lugard Ekhosuehi Michael


Hello! I'm super excited to talk about the awesome initiatives I have in mind for our community, Uhunmwonde Local Government. So here's my plan:

Firstly, I want to prioritize job creation, especially for our talented youths and women. I believe in the power of digital, technical, and artisan skills. That's why I'll be offering free training programs to help them develop these skills and turn them into valuable assets for our community.

Next, I'm all about enhancing agriculture. We need to add value to our agro production and make it even better. To achieve this, I'll be providing grants and cheap loans to support the agro sector. We'll also focus on increasing farm production and ensuring there are off-takers available. Additionally, I plan to establish processing factories close to the source of raw materials through public-private partnerships (ppp).

Now, let's talk about housing. I'm all for adding value to our clay and recycling plastics to create tiles. We can even take inspiration from the community-assisted housing system in Edo history. This way, we'll create affordable and sustainable housing options for everyone.